Out and About with Tina: Coco and The Director Coffee Shop


A friend I met at my job working as a plus size model at Belk mentioned this place, Coco and The Director. It’s a coffee shop located in uptown at 100 W Trade Charlotte, NC 28202. This coffee shop even has meeting space that would be perfect for dong business and meeting clients as well. Aside from coffee and tea they have pastries, smoothies, alcoholic beverages and sandwhiches.

I didn’t have a chance to check out Coco and the Director beforehand however this past weekend I met up with an old friend who was in town. I wanted to show off some new spots.  Coco The Director is actually located inside the Marriott Hotel. There are several innovative options for seating. The staff is welcoming and there are ecclectic people that frequent the shop. Since it was our first time there the Barista gave us a free sparkling water and cupcake. I ordered a wine in a juice-like box and a “Wakeup Call” smoothie. I substituted the coconut water for almond milk. My total came to about $24. I blame it on the alcohol!

As I was paying there was a neighborhood police man who stopped in for coffee. While I was at the counter he shook the tip jar in my face and said why are there no tips in the jar and placed the cup down in front of me. I paid electronically with my debit card and I had already given an electronic tip. Not that I was obligated to give a tip at all. But I just went on about my business. It didn’t really bother me till like four hours later.

The Wake Up Call smoothie was delicious. The cupcake I didn’t really finish, I only ate the bottom part because the icing tasted funny. I couldn’t do that much complaining about the cupcake because it was free. I did mention to one of the staff at the counter that the buttercreme frosting  on the cupcake tasted a little like old mustered. The woman at the counter actually said she doesn’t like the way it taste either. I said well the other barista gave it to me for free so I can’t complain the staff looked at each other and paused.  I  mentioned I did purchase other stuff, at that point the manager overheard the free part and rolled her eyes. I quickly changed the subject and I went back to my seat😂😂  That juice-esq box wine had 12% alcohol in it, all I needed was half. I was lit.

After I met up with my friend I decided to stay a little longer. I noticed some tourist who happened to be asian who were taking pictures from different spots at the coffee shop but I was seated behind them in each photo from every angle they were taking pictures and it pissed me off. I’m almost sure they were taking pictures strategically with me in the photo but you can’t really prove that. I mean have they ever seen a plus size beautiful black American woman before!? They quickly left when I gave them a stern look.  I was irritated but I decided to stay a little longer. I had to go to the restroom by that point. I’m blaming that on the alcohol too.  The restrooms are located all the way around the hallway out the door to the left in the Marriott. I just left my computer and bookbag there. There was a family sitting next to me. The man said I can’t believe you left your stuff there. He was puzzled. I guess I didn’t think about it. I just took my purse and was willing to risk the rest even my car keys in my coat pocket. He started to ask me what things should he do around town. He said he and his family had just moved to Charlotte last month from Saudia Arabia. He was on a year job assignment and his family lived in Concord. The wife was dressed in traditional abaya dress. They had two little kids who were so adorable.  I told them a few places they should check out including Farhienheit resturant, Plaza Midwood neighborhood and they should tour The Vue to see the entire city. They were so nice they gave me  some of their cake & blueberries  from a fancy resturant to-go bag. I couldn’t see from where. But it was the real deal. So good,  better then the crusty free cupcake from the counter. That nice gesture and conversation kinda restored some kindness I had in humanity and lifted my spirits in the most unexpected ironic way. When the family left the baby boy came closed to me and said byeeeeeeee and waved a few times and the family said goodbye as well. My heart was filled. I closed my computer and went home. I parked at the lot around the corner at the 101 Independence Center lot. There is no parking stamps given at Coco and the Director. I’m just sharing my experience, This is not a review. Overall I enjoyed myself and will go again! I left the link to the Coco and the Director Google page for reviews, contact number,directions and pictures as they do not have a website. Here’s the Google link:https://goo.gl/maps/kHJN1urZsCw

Out & About with Tina: The Women of Paris Walking Tour experience! 

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I had the pleasure of attending the Women Of Paris walking tour. I wanted to learn more about women writers in Paris. This tour showed me where the successful women writers of Paris lived and created. As a group, we also stopped for some sweet treats along the way. 

There were some amazing people in the group (more than a few)..but you know I keep it real. Heidi, The host and founder of the tour company Women in Paris was informative and knowledgeable about the history, which I enjoyed. However, she made one or three chummy jokes at my expense and she didn’t get a Trip Advisor review from me. Although I still do recommend the amazing tour, it was all in European humor and fun… I guess what goes around comes around because we had a child psychologist from Vancouver in the group, I jokingly asked her for an impromptu therapy session. The joke did not go over well and the child Dr. And her friend literally did not talk to me for the rest of the tour😂Thank God there were some cool people with a good sense of humor in the small group, like Tom and Angela, the newlyweds from Seattle. Tom works in real estate and awesome Angela is an attorney with great colorful hair. We have since kept in contact via Facebook! Last but not least in the group my spirit twin and buddy, Wonjeung!!!  from South Korea, who is a student studying computer science. Wonjeung and I ran around Paris all day after the tour and it was good to run the streets and talk about our Paris experience. We still keep in contact online and send holiday cards! 

Now that you have all the group dynamics, here are all the accomplished women that were discussed on the walking tour and the places we visited for our snacks. I’ve included some pictures of the tour below! 
Women Writers of Paris:

The brilliant Simone de Beauvoir and her daring activism,

The radical Antoinette Fouque and her Editions des Femmes,

The scandalous Colette and her struggle for independence, 

The rebellious George Sand and her cross-dressing liberalism,

The benevolent Sylvia Beach and her love of literature…


Popelini Chou à la créme / Meert Waffle / Un Dimanche à Paris Macaron / Pierre Marcolini Chocolate / La Tarte Tropézienne Baby Trop 

Random picture of something Parisian

Wonjeung at Meert! 

Tom in the window!!

Hilarious Heidi