3 Steps to Cleanse the Energy And Bless Your New Home

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When you just purchase a home, it is a great idea to clear the energy that the house may hold. Old energy may still be present even long after the house has been sold. Clearing a home’s old energy from previous owners can be good if there was a divorce that happened while a couple lived in the home, or a person living in the home had health issues, financial or emotional distress. In general, it is always a helpful option to cleanse the energy in a home.

todd-kent-178j8tJrNlc-unsplash (1)

The benefits of cleansing a home’s energy and blessing the home are to bring in new blessings, protection, and good energy to the home and all who live there. Blessing the home can help a homeowner and family to feel more relaxed, creative, and happy inside their new home. Blessing the home can bring in new financial opportunities and allow whoever enters the home to feel uplifted, safe, and the houseguests to be in better spirits than they had when they arrived. Praying over a home can also block the wrong people from entering.  Take the following steps to cleanse and bless your new home:

  1. Send Gratitude to the previous owners of the house thank the previous owners of your home for taking care of the house and also allowing you to live in the home peacefully. Metaphorically speaking you can send gratitude to the previous owners. Have gratitude for being able to live in a home that you choose.
  2. State New Intentions for your new home and seal it with a prayer  State all the intentions you have for your new house. Intentions can be to raise a happy family, create a business, create new memories, have joyful gatherings with friends and family, and feel protection. Your intention for your home can be as creative, simple, or as deep as you would like them to be. You can write your intentions down or say them out loud. If you do pray you can say: thank you for providing this house for me and my family I thank you that this home brings us the following intentions and read through your list! ricky-turner-UDnQS8qf-sg-unsplash
  3. Bring in Fresh air and Sage To Sage your new home correctly you want to start by opening at least one window in each room for an hour before you start the sage cleanse. Light a white candle to help bring in good energy and place it in any room if you have more than one candle to put in multiple rooms that’s even better . The best place to start the sage cleanse is at front door. Light the Sage. It’s best if you have a sage smudge stick.  You want to go clockwise from the front door into every room. while you are entering the front door you can start repeating your intentions/prayer that you created for your home as you walk from room to room clockwise from the front door. Make sure you sage the closets, bathrooms, and the corners of each room as well. Keep repeating your prayers as you go. Once you have covered your entire house exit your house and walk around the perimeter of your home, clockwise, and smudge the outside of your house with the burning sage. Again state your prayers and intention for your home and ask for protection and that no one with ill intentions shall enter the home. Once you finish give gratitude for the cleansing and protection of your home and enjoy the immediate and long-lasting refreshing energy that you feel. You can use sage to cleanse your home periodically to cleanse the energy in your home. If you have a stressful discussion you can cleanse and sage the room where the discussion happened. However, once your home is blessed, it’s always blessed! timothy-buck-psrloDbaZc8-unsplash

Moxy Paris Bastille Le Marais

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My 2 week stay at the Moxy hotel was overall lovely.❤


Centrally located hotel in the 11arr.

Chic hotel stylish and clean

Friendly and helpful accommodating staff!

New technology big screen TV USB outlets by bed and TV to charge phone

Nice fun events for guest from mixology classes to running events for active guest!

Spacious room options and unique storage options for baggage

Beautiful balcony in rooms and open terrace on top floor

Great lounge/ working space area for guest, I met some Amazing people in the resturant area. Great spot for solo/business travellers to be social.

Dog friendly (*but for a unfriendly price)

Without sounding like a full lush the drink selection and bartenders were the best!!


Wish there was more diversity in their advertising and partnerships

Bed was hard on the back but to be fair not many hotels in Europe have good beds. It was at least a Real bed. I’ve stayed in a lot this was among the better of the hard beds. Do yoga

Limited menu but everything I tried was good

Despite the bed I wanted to stay longer 2 weeks was not enough!

All my bags and a fabulous first meal from The Moxy Resturant

Prime Day Items you will love!! (And for everyone on your list)

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Check out all the items here:


Couches You Will Love!


What’s life if you have a boring couch? Here are some Interior design ideas that will make your home shine. Many of us are still at home more than ever before due to Covid. A lot of us may be wanting to revamp our spaces to make it more conducive to our new homebody lifestyles! Here are some couches I think you will love! Click the picture to find out purchase price and sizes!

Greens, blues, yellows, pinks oh my…

Danxee Velvet Fabric Sofa Couch 71″ Wide Mid Century Modern Tufted Fabric Sofa Living Room Sofa 700lb Heavy Duty with 2 Pillows (Emerald)

Modway Resolute Retro Modern Curved Back Upholstered Velvet with Two Throw Pillows, Sofa, Navy

Jennifer Taylor Home La Rosa Sofas, Ash/Rose

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon, Premium Linen Upholstery and Wooden Legs, Mustard Linen

If nothing else these colorful couches will spice up an area in your home and maybe even spice up your entire home life!

Denver Housing Market 2020

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What is the average home cost in Denver, Colorado
Market temperature

The median home value in Denver is $465,466. Denver home values have gone up 1.7% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will fall -1.7% within the next year. The median list priceper square foot in Denver is $374, which is higher than the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro average of $265.

Residential real estate.

In 2020, sales are forecast to increase by 2% to about 59,600 sales. Low interest rates are expected throughout 2020 and price growth should continue at a more modest pace as new supply is added to the market at a slower pace.

Significant gains in home values are predicted in 2020 due to low interest rates, a strong job market, and a steady economy. Even small changes in the appreciation rate can change the long-term value of buying considerably. Let’s learn more about the factors that make Denvera good place to invest in real estate.

If you’re looking to buy a home email me to schedule a appointment:


Sunday brunch at the Impérial Place La Brasserie!


Impérial Palace, Allée de l’Impérial, 74000 Annecy

Sunday brunch at the Impérial Place Brasserie is by reservation only but since I was single, I was able to get a table for one last minute after Church!!! I had the brunch buffet with the Champagne. The website says it’s 60€ but I was charged 69€. The staff was very nice, and professional. It made the difference for sure. Because of the staff I truly enjoyed myself! But as soon as I had the last drop of my very small glass of Champagne and got up to fill up my plate, when I returned to my table the Champagne glass was gone never to return. I thought for that price I would get a whole bottle of Champagne or maybe just some bottomless mimosas!!! I was shooketh!

The food was really good however. I tried to stay longer to see if I could get hungry again and get another round in but I couldn’t get there in time to feel hungry enough for gluttony to set in to validate the price!! I will be back soon I just have to save up!

Here’s some pictures I took and below some information off of the Impérial  Palace website. Rooms at the Impérial Palace hotel start at 200€ to 248€. A big Chunck of my rent for the month 😆

Information from Hotel Impérial Palace:The hotel Imperial Palace in Annecy propose you to live a friendly and greedy moment in the restaurant La Brasserie, mainly decorated with wood and leather sofas. When the weather is fine, the terrace offers a panoramic view of Lake Annecy.

Enjoy those moments with family or friends and taste the generous cuisine imagined by the team of our Executive Chef Sylvain Fombertasse.

What is the Sunday Brunch?

Brunch is a great way to enjoy convivial meals with family or friends, ideal for the late risers, the ones who don’t want to cook or just to spend moments of relaxation.

Sunday brunch offers you a generous buffet of gourmet products with all-you-can-eat breakfast, an assortment of starters, hot dishes, a multitude of sweet delights and also drinks.

La Brasserie restaurant of the Impérial Palace proposes its brunch every Sundays from 11am to 3pm.
– 50 € per person
– half price for children from 5 to 12 years old included
– free for children up to 4 years old

Imperial Brunch 

This special offer includes the traditional Brunch + a glass of champagne!
60 €

The menu of the Brunch 

The breakfast is composed by varied products mainly coming from local provider in order to propose you quality dishes from our region: Michaël Rispe’ pastries (Pan & Gatô), an assortment of breads and brioche selected by the baker, cereals, jam, yogurts and organic food (jam, cereals, dry fruits, dairy products, tea, bread without gluten…).


A cold buffet is also at your disposal in which you can find a large choice of crudités, salads, terrine, oysters depending the season and a regional buffet with local sausages and cheese from our partner “Salaisons Artisanales de Savoie” in Villaz.

For the hot dishes you can enjoy fish or meat and a large choice of toppings. There is also a “live cooking” area where one of our chefs will cook in front of you the specialty of the moment:  slice and cook a piece of beef, fried noodles, pancakes etc.

And you will appreciate our buffet of local cheese coming from the Cheese Master Alain Michel. To conclude well this brunch with a sugar taste, enjoy an assortment of home-made classic dessert, created by our Pastry Chef, or fresh sliced fruits.

Children’ Paradise

Sunday Brunch at La Brasserie de l ‘Impérial Palace is the perfect place for your children: a large choice of dishes will make the younger happy. During the brunch, if you allow them, they will be able to eat what they want and to get up from table…

Booking compulsory on +33 (0)4 50 09 30 00. Free parking is available to our customers upon availability.


My First Real Manicure in France! (*okay this year)


I made an appointment same day (which was surprise) at Citron Vert to get a much needed manicure. Check out my experience getting gel nails in France. The process is a little different than in the USA. Check out my video below. Here’s some photos I took of the event!!

Citron Vert, 54 Rue Sommeiller, 74000 Annecy

End result!

What I asked for! Great job!!

I did a short video explaining the manicure process in France and the price! Check it out here. Please like and subscribe:


manicure in France

Inside Annecy France Sephora

Annecy, France

There’s a bodyguard in Sephora and I’ve never seen anyone that tall in the whole town. I took a quick picture of him and the store as well but it was difficult because I felt he was following me at one point. For the first time in my life I didn’t buy anything this time but I will be back for a makeup spree soon!! They had a variety of foundation shades and brands!