Special Day at the Denver Zoo!

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I don’t even know how I got on the Denver Zoo website but I ended up wining tickets to the Denver Zoo. When I entered the contest I knew I was going to win. I was still so grateful and surprised when the email arrived that said I won. I gave away all 4 tickets and kept 1 ticket for myself. My prayer when I went is that I would be able to see the animals up close and take great pictures.

I took the bus to the zoo it took a hour or so. I missed the elephant show by ten minutes. Ironically one of the elephants came out & walked down the lane where I was sitting turned around kicked his leg out in a funny way and went back inside and I was able to get this majestic picture of him. My heart

Then I grabbed something to eat because my intermittent fasting window start time had come and gone but by the time I found where the sea lions were the show was again over, it had ended. So I went to the lower aquarium to hopefully see a sea lion and I tapped on the glass hoping that a sea lion would come out and a few minutes later he miraculously cruised by but that was the only time he passed by. I was able to get a photo of him here

They didn’t have the Mongolian beef I wanted so instead I got this for $17 dollars 5 chicken wings and some popcorn and the rice I negotiated for free

Lacking all nutritional value but It was good though, the geese were eyeing it!
Not part of the zoo but this goose just wanted some snacks
On the prowl for some chicken wings!

The péquins came up to me! I threw some popcorn over the glass partition but they never reached for the popcorn I gifted them but seemed to be interested in looking at the bag of popcorn I had in my hand through the glass. I asked the woman next to me not to tell that I threw over some popcorn for the cute pequins

They were really cute

I missed the shows and the monkeys but I still managed to see a lot and have fun. There was one weird thing that happened when a unmasked woman came unreasonably close to me and asked me if I had lost my family because she saw me walking around alone and that she also lost her family. In my mind I Was like b*** if you lost your family why you talking to me and I walked away she apologized for getting too personal 😜😆 PSA: single people can go places alone we aren’t lost we are just living life as we please! Anyways Here are some other cute animals I met that day below:

I don’t think I ever saw a zebra up close
So on trend
This is a porcupine!! playing with a toy!!
Side view of the porcupine with a toy
It looks like they were making a heart with their heads
My spirit animals with these Capricorn goats
I wanted to see more of the monkeys but by the time I got over there it was closed
What are these?
Not sure what these were? Boars? Bulls?? Cows??
That’s a bottom of a hyena
I had to wait until the end to get some ice cream since ice cream is not my friend sprinkle sprinkle!
I had a wonderful Fun day!!

The Chanel Fall Ready To Wear Show 21/22 on Instagram!!

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There are some perks to not being able to sleep sometimes. I was up at 2:30 am and happened to catch The Chanel Fall Ready to Wear Fashion Show for the 2021/2022 season. Here are some of the top looks of the season! I love the theme of the show from the Paris streets to behind the scenes, the dressing room, to the runway, back on the cobble stone streets again! I only wish that they put me in the show so I show them some thickness & curves. Curve models In high fashion shows need to be normalized. I digress. The real talk is real. So, what look do you like the best?

Hotel Review: Mint Hotel At The Grand

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I stayed at Mint Hotel for a staycation in Denver. This hotel was unique because it was actually also a luxury downtown Denver apartment building . Mint Hotel used beautifully furnished apartments as hotel rooms. Apartments were available to rent on the other side of the building as hotel rooms. Apartments were available to rent on the other side of the building

I had the pleasure of staying in a two bedroom hotel suite. I loved how spacious the suite was and how it had all the modern conveniences of a home including a full kitchen, dishes pots pans, wash and dryer machine in unit. The close proximity to Denver restaurants and local grocery stores were a nice bonus. The view overlooking Denver was phenomenal. I liked that the hotel is dog friendly as well!

Video tour here: Brought some spice to The Mint! Take a look!

Tips for Shopping For Plus Size Clothes In France

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Don’t you just love when you have a cute shopping day? Well, when I planned to move to France I knew that it was going to be difficult finding plus size clothes! My cute successful shopping days were numbered in France. In preparation I brought everything with me that I could possibly carry. I went to Nordstrom before leaving the United States and bought all my staple pieces including coats for winter, sweaters, jeans, shirts, skirts and shoes. Unfortunately carrying all my clothes with me to France was not easy. Not only was it not easy to carry physically, but with a dog, three huge suitcases and carry-on(s), it was very expensive. I had to negotiate the price of carrying my luggage to France with all my clothes but I knew if I didn’t bring all the basic then I wasn’t going to be able to travel like I wanted to and be comfortable however it was a catch 22 because I wasn’t able to travel like I wanted to as easily because it was hard to carry all of my suitcases with me!

At times I was sad that I couldn’t wear the looks I wanted to and take fancy pictures of my traveling in France because my clothes were really basic. I love basic clean classic styles but sometimes a girl just wants to have fun and “luxuriate”

I am sharing my experiences hoping that brands in Europe will expand their sizes as the sizes of women have changed. Plus size women deserve to look fashionable and feel comfortable in their current size. There is so much money that curvy girls like myself want to spend on France and all of Europe. It’s time for a change. Don’t get me started on the bra sizes in France!! I leave that for another day.

Here are some pictures I took shopping in Zara in Annecy, France below. To my disappointment nothing was remotely the correct size for me. It definitely made me feel excluded. No woman should feel that way.

in Zara in Annecy, France. I was upset the clothes were nowhere near my size

Ordering online from France and The shipping fees are more than the clothes!

So many “why-comes” why why why!!!!!

Below I’ve included a video on tips shopping for plus size clothes in France.

Check out my video about shopping for plus size clothes in France and how difficult it was! https://youtu.be/rPdWJVGugkA

Cyber Monday Sale You Can’t Afford To Miss For The Home!

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https://amzn.to/2JoZ8Fz Himalayan Lamp Great for healing allergies and energy

click picture to purchase before these cyber deals are gone!


3 Steps to Cleanse the Energy And Bless Your New Home

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When you just purchase a home, it is a great idea to clear the energy that the house may hold. Old energy may still be present even long after the house has been sold. Clearing a home’s old energy from previous owners can be good if there was a divorce that happened while a couple lived in the home, or a person living in the home had health issues, financial or emotional distress. In general, it is always a helpful option to cleanse the energy in a home.

todd-kent-178j8tJrNlc-unsplash (1)

The benefits of cleansing a home’s energy and blessing the home are to bring in new blessings, protection, and good energy to the home and all who live there. Blessing the home can help a homeowner and family to feel more relaxed, creative, and happy inside their new home. Blessing the home can bring in new financial opportunities and allow whoever enters the home to feel uplifted, safe, and the houseguests to be in better spirits than they had when they arrived. Praying over a home can also block the wrong people from entering.  Take the following steps to cleanse and bless your new home:

  1. Send Gratitude to the previous owners of the house thank the previous owners of your home for taking care of the house and also allowing you to live in the home peacefully. Metaphorically speaking you can send gratitude to the previous owners. Have gratitude for being able to live in a home that you choose.
  2. State New Intentions for your new home and seal it with a prayer  State all the intentions you have for your new house. Intentions can be to raise a happy family, create a business, create new memories, have joyful gatherings with friends and family, and feel protection. Your intention for your home can be as creative, simple, or as deep as you would like them to be. You can write your intentions down or say them out loud. If you do pray you can say: thank you for providing this house for me and my family I thank you that this home brings us the following intentions and read through your list! ricky-turner-UDnQS8qf-sg-unsplash
  3. Bring in Fresh air and Sage To Sage your new home correctly you want to start by opening at least one window in each room for an hour before you start the sage cleanse. Light a white candle to help bring in good energy and place it in any room if you have more than one candle to put in multiple rooms that’s even better . The best place to start the sage cleanse is at front door. Light the Sage. It’s best if you have a sage smudge stick.  You want to go clockwise from the front door into every room. while you are entering the front door you can start repeating your intentions/prayer that you created for your home as you walk from room to room clockwise from the front door. Make sure you sage the closets, bathrooms, and the corners of each room as well. Keep repeating your prayers as you go. Once you have covered your entire house exit your house and walk around the perimeter of your home, clockwise, and smudge the outside of your house with the burning sage. Again state your prayers and intention for your home and ask for protection and that no one with ill intentions shall enter the home. Once you finish give gratitude for the cleansing and protection of your home and enjoy the immediate and long-lasting refreshing energy that you feel. You can use sage to cleanse your home periodically to cleanse the energy in your home. If you have a stressful discussion you can cleanse and sage the room where the discussion happened. However, once your home is blessed, it’s always blessed! timothy-buck-psrloDbaZc8-unsplash

Moxy Paris Bastille Le Marais

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My 2 week stay at the Moxy hotel was overall lovely.❤


Centrally located hotel in the 11arr.

Chic hotel stylish and clean

Friendly and helpful accommodating staff!

New technology big screen TV USB outlets by bed and TV to charge phone

Nice fun events for guest from mixology classes to running events for active guest!

Spacious room options and unique storage options for baggage

Beautiful balcony in rooms and open terrace on top floor

Great lounge/ working space area for guest, I met some Amazing people in the resturant area. Great spot for solo/business travellers to be social.

Dog friendly (*but for a unfriendly price)

Without sounding like a full lush the drink selection and bartenders were the best!!


Wish there was more diversity in their advertising and partnerships

Bed was hard on the back but to be fair not many hotels in Europe have good beds. It was at least a Real bed. I’ve stayed in a lot this was among the better of the hard beds. Do yoga

Limited menu but everything I tried was good

Despite the bed I wanted to stay longer 2 weeks was not enough!

All my bags and a fabulous first meal from The Moxy Resturant