Top questions I received about me and moving to France!

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Top questions I received about me and moving to France!

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Fish Spa In Marseille!

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I went to the fish spa in Marseille! I was so excited to try this for the first time. It’s a pedicure but with fish eating off all the dead skin. The owner opened the shop just for me and served me wine and bottled water. The hospitality was so spectacular you must visit the O Lounge Fish Spa the next time you’re in Marseille! My feet feel soft and new. I’m so glad I got an opportunity to go while in Marseille, France for the weekend.

I asked the owner how did he come up with the idea to open a shop like this? He said he was sitting around with some friends and they came up with the idea over drinks and when they decided to open the fish spa his answer was: why not!! Now the shop has been successful since it started two years ago. I love that “why not”! Great quote for entrepreneurs everywhere- Why Not!!

O Lounge Fish Spa
16 Rue Bussy l’Indien, 13006 Marseille

Check out my review of my hotel in Genève, Switzerland!

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I put a sheet on the bunk bed and put my dog on the bunk bed! Yes I did!! For 20CHF yes I did. Here’s my review in detail and Vidéo link below as well!

hotel review here!


1.What I didn’t like about the hotel the windows were locked and there was no air it was very warm in the room( no temperature controls at all)

2. the price was too high for a one night budget hotel.

3.The room was dirty toliet seat was dirty, sheets were dirty,

4. There was only one outlet in the room and it was over the sink and did not work with my bulky hairdryer outlet plug which changed my plans!

Pros: Things I liked

1. free transit ticket for the length of my stay and

2. the hotel was close to public transit.

3. The shower was nice and actually better than it initially seemed spacious and water pressure was great

4. The lounge area was stylish and fun packed with a bar, snacks, games and plates and silverware to use for your Uber Eats!

5. The staff were friendly and helpful. As soon as I realized the sheets needed to be changed the cleaning staff responded right away and respecfully. They changed the sheets promptly.

Cute Breakfast Place- La Bicyclette Rose, 29 Rue Sommeiller, 74000 Annecy

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I have been staying in center ville of Annecy for almost a week and was looking for a cute breakfast place, more like an American breakfast place with bacon!!! So I looked on Google Maps. I typed in “breakfast” set my parameters to 4 stars and close distances & La Bicyclette Rose popped up.It was a five minute walk from my hotel, so I took my dog for a walk and checked it out. Of course there was a line of people waiting to get inside. I went to the front door and the lady said are you alone? I said yes. She said there’s a spot for you but you can’t bring the dog. I felt bad for skipping the line but hey it was just me!! I dropped the dog off with the quickness and came back. To some people eating alone is the worse, but not to me. It has it’s privileges. I ordered pancakes, tea, one hard boiled egg with bacon. It was delicious. The condiments are shared on the table in cute boxes. The restaurant is decorated with authentic items from Annecy. The cutest thing was when I gave a tip (because service and breakfast was so good) the woman at the register put the tip on this little box sitting on the counter and she said wait and the box opened up and I kid you not, a little hand of a small panda came out of the box and took the tip. It was the cutest thing I’ve never have seen before.(video below) I was able to capture some pictures but mostly people don’t like you taking a lot of pictures while they’re eating so I only got a few. You’ll just have to visit to see the rest of this tastey and fabulously decorated spot!The line was out the door! That’s when you know it’s realI asked A French family to show me how to eat this in the proper French way! And they showed me every step. Now I’m officially French 😆

Out and About With Tina: Afropunk Festival Paris 

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I love all types of music. Except for heavy metal! That’s why while I was visiting Paris for 6 weeks a friend suggested I check out the Afropunk Music Festival . Before then I had never heard of it. I decided to see what this music festival was about.  The Afropunk festival is an annual two-day concert which tours nationwide. This time Afropunk took place in the La Villette district in Paris. I never caught any of the big music headliners that were supposed to be there performing either because I missed them or they were not there at the Paris location event. Either way, I did see a lot of creative artistic people and fresh eclectic music artist. I also discovered ginger beer for the first time! I digress, Afropunk is worth it check out for the next concert near you! 

Here is some history on the Afropunk festival from the official event website:


With roots amongst the Black community and culture, AFROPUNK welcomes an array of new music and styles. The popularity of this event has resulted in an expansion that has embraced New York, Atlanta, Paris, and London.

Previous acts have included Angel Haze, Lianne La Havas, Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, Keziah Jones, Saul Williams, Michael Kiwanuka, Sky & Ross From Morcheeba, Leon Bridges and Lion Babe.

Here are some pictures of my experience below!

Young or old the majority of Parisians smoke it was shocking to see and hard to breath

Me in my sundress!








Out & About with Tina: The Women of Paris Walking Tour experience! 

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I had the pleasure of attending the Women Of Paris walking tour. I wanted to learn more about women writers in Paris. This tour showed me where the successful women writers of Paris lived and created. As a group, we also stopped for some sweet treats along the way. 

There were some amazing people in the group (more than a few)..but you know I keep it real. Heidi, The host and founder of the tour company Women in Paris was informative and knowledgeable about the history, which I enjoyed. However, she made one or three chummy jokes at my expense and she didn’t get a Trip Advisor review from me. Although I still do recommend the amazing tour, it was all in European humor and fun… I guess what goes around comes around because we had a child psychologist from Vancouver in the group, I jokingly asked her for an impromptu therapy session. The joke did not go over well and the child Dr. And her friend literally did not talk to me for the rest of the tour😂Thank God there were some cool people with a good sense of humor in the small group, like Tom and Angela, the newlyweds from Seattle. Tom works in real estate and awesome Angela is an attorney with great colorful hair. We have since kept in contact via Facebook! Last but not least in the group my spirit twin and buddy, Wonjeung!!!  from South Korea, who is a student studying computer science. Wonjeung and I ran around Paris all day after the tour and it was good to run the streets and talk about our Paris experience. We still keep in contact online and send holiday cards! 

Now that you have all the group dynamics, here are all the accomplished women that were discussed on the walking tour and the places we visited for our snacks. I’ve included some pictures of the tour below! 
Women Writers of Paris:

The brilliant Simone de Beauvoir and her daring activism,

The radical Antoinette Fouque and her Editions des Femmes,

The scandalous Colette and her struggle for independence, 

The rebellious George Sand and her cross-dressing liberalism,

The benevolent Sylvia Beach and her love of literature…


Popelini Chou à la créme / Meert Waffle / Un Dimanche à Paris Macaron / Pierre Marcolini Chocolate / La Tarte Tropézienne Baby Trop 

Random picture of something Parisian

Wonjeung at Meert! 

Tom in the window!!

Hilarious Heidi