Best toothbrush to keep white teeth in France (and beyond)

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Hey y’all Queens and Kings! I’ve always had men compliment me on my smile and white teeth! I don’t whiten my teeth at all but my toothbrush has made all the difference.  I highly recommend this Philips sonicare toothbrush to get the best results between professional dental cleaning’s. There’s a sale currently on Amazon at the link below. Happy Thanksgiving for all those in the USA!


Fish Spa In Marseille!

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I went to the fish spa in Marseille! I was so excited to try this for the first time. It’s a pedicure but with fish eating off all the dead skin. The owner opened the shop just for me and served me wine and bottled water. The hospitality was so spectacular you must visit the O Lounge Fish Spa the next time you’re in Marseille! My feet feel soft and new. I’m so glad I got an opportunity to go while in Marseille, France for the weekend.

I asked the owner how did he come up with the idea to open a shop like this? He said he was sitting around with some friends and they came up with the idea over drinks and when they decided to open the fish spa his answer was: why not!! Now the shop has been successful since it started two years ago. I love that “why not”! Great quote for entrepreneurs everywhere- Why Not!!

O Lounge Fish Spa
16 Rue Bussy l’Indien, 13006 Marseille