How to complete the out of state South Carolina Real Estate license application!

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How to complete the out of state Real Estate license application for South Carolina if you are a resident and licensed real estate agent in NC or in the process of getting your license in NC. I will give you my best tips for passing the SC State Exam as well!

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How to get your SC real estate license

Old video but still helpful advice: What I Learned My First Year Of Real Estate

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I watched my old video regarding tips I learned in my first year of real estate. I thought it was actually helpful and a little bit honest, cute but still raw and embarrassing!! Check it out here’s the link of what I posted on YouTube (watch before I delete it)

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What I learned my first year in Real Estate

25 Things You Should Know About Charlotte


The epicenter of America’s first gold rush is now a major financial hub. Present-day Charlotte is practically synonymous with banking—but life there isn’t all business. With its heart-pounding NASCAR races and world-class barbecue, Charlotte residents also know how to have a good time. Here’s a trivia buff’s guide to the Queen City.

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Charlotte Facts!

Find out what your Queen City Home is Worth in Minutes!


I would like to send you a personalized Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your home. Find out what your Queen City Home is worth in minutes!

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Perfect Home Story for a Veteran!

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My client & his wife have been together for 21 years, they are in their 50s. He has a Military back ground, served with the 101st Air Borne Division did tours in Korea, Germany, Panama, and several post State side. He attended Pace University in NY and worked for The City of NY. His wife works at the Hospital for the past 29 years. I love my Vet buyers!!

My buyer asked me to put in an offer house unseen (and this house had multiple offers). As a realtor I advocate for my clients to the full extent to get them the house they want. I wrote an introduction letter on behalf of my client and the sellers knew it was a perfect home match. Today my buyer and his family got the house and they are under contract set to close in less than 30 days! I am so happy for this deserving family!

April in Aruba!


Ahhh Aruba, I will never forget my time on this happy island! I was having so much fun my phone took a deep sea dive in the water so I have limited pictures however I will share some pictures below if I can find some.

I absolutely loved going to flamingo beach it’s a private island. It was a short boat ride to the island and there were 4 flamingos and a restaurant. I enjoyed some pina colada’s and fun in the sun. I also had a lot of fun on a UTV tour I drove the UTV myself! The whole UTV group was impressed by my driving skills. I’m a realtor, driving is in my job description hahahah. This trip was a solo travel trip. A lot of couples asked if was traveling alone! The men mostly said they could never do that. I found traveling solo to be liberating and got me out to find adventures and meet new people. Aruba is said to be one of the safest and truly happiest islands around. I had the best time.

I enjoyed the snorkeling tour as well the fish And shipwreck I saw on the snorkeling trip were unforgettable. I visited the casino and won a total of $5. But I spent more than that. Casino wins are tax free in Aruba!

Aruba is a Dutch island and they speak Spanish English and the native language, Papiamento. For transportation I took the local bus to get around it’s much cheaper than cabs just $2 if anything, lol . The water was so blue and the sand never gets truly hot so you can still walk on it without feeling the burn. I came back to Charlotte with a renewed spirit and it was truly a wonderful trip! “One Happy Island”

After the UTV tour!!after UTV tour

🍔That’s all folks!!!🤣😂😭

Tips for Buying a House 

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 Choosing a Realtor®

Of all the decisions you’ll face when buying a home, there’s none more important than the person you choose to represent you.

The job of your Sales Associate is to support you in finding the right home with the best possible terms and to aid you through the entire process. Your Sales Associate will explain the process of buying a home, and familiarize you with the various activities, documents and procedures that you will experience throughout the transaction.

Tips For Selecting A Realtor®

Your Real Estate Professional should be:

  • Knowledgeable about the communities of interest to you.
  • Aware of the complicated local and state requirements affecting your transaction.
  • Effective in multi-party, face-to-face negotiations.
  • Highly-trained, with access to programs for continued learning and additional certifications.
  • Technology-focused.
  • Supported by professional legal counsel.


Most real estate professionals and mortgage lenders recommend pre-qualifying for a loan before selecting a home to purchase. This process will help you:

  • Determine the price range you can afford.
  • Understand the types of loans you qualify for.
  • Determine what your monthly payment will be.
  • Estimate the down payment and closing costs.

The Loan Process

Your Sales Associate will help you to select a mortgage lender. Once you have made your decision, these are the steps of the process:

Application – All pertinent documentation is obtained. Fees and down payments are discussed, and the borrower will receive a Loan Estimate, itemizing the rates and associated costs for the loan.

You will be asked to provide certain documents to your lender in order that your loan can be processed in a timely manner.

Loan Submission – Once all the necessary documentation is in, your completed file is submitted to a lender for approval.

Loan Approval (Underwriting) – Loan approval, or underwriting, generally takes 24 to 72 hours. All parties are notified of the approval and any loan conditions that must be received before the loan can close.

Closing – Once all parties have signed the loan documents, they are returned to the lender. If all the forms have been properly executed, the lender sends the loan funds by wire transfer. At this point, the borrower finishes the loan process and actually buys the house.

Finding and Choosing the Right Home

Based on criteria that you and your Sales Associate establish together, your Associate will help you find the perfect home. There are many factors to consider in selecting a property, including location, bedroom and bath count, schools and amenities.

Your Sales Associate will apply their extensive community knowledge and professional resources to research available properties and show you the homes that best meet your needs. If you find a property that interests you through the Internet or your own research, let your Sales Associate know so that a showing can be arranged.

As you view different properties, your criteria may change. Open and direct communication with your Sales Associate is a key element of a successful property search.

Making an Offer

Once you have found the home that you wish to purchase, your Sales Associate will apply their professional training and do all the necessary research to help you structure an effective offer.

This is where your Sales Associate’s negotiation skills come into play. When an offer is made, the seller will have the option of accepting, rejecting or counter-offering. Your Sales Associate will negotiate the best possible terms for you.

Your Sales Associate will draft the purchase agreement, advising you of protective contingencies, customary practices, and local regulations. Home warranty, title, and escrow arrangements will be detailed in the offer. Although your Sales Associate will give you advice and information, it is your decision as to the exact price and terms that you wish to offer.

Managing the Escrow

When the purchase agreement is accepted and signed by all parties, your Sales Associate will open escrow for you and your earnest money will be deposited. The escrow is a neutral third party that will receive, hold, and distribute all funds associated with your transaction.

Removing Contingencies

Prior to closing escrow, all of the contingencies of the Purchase Agreement must be met. Your Sales Associate will coordinate this process. Typical contingencies include:

  • Approval of the preliminary title report.
  • Loan approval, including an appraisal of the property.
  • Physical inspections of the property.
  • Pest inspection and certification.
  • Acquisition of homeowner’s insurance.
  • Approval of the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement.

Closing Escrow and Moving In!

When all of the conditions of the purchase agreement have been met, you will sign your loan documents and closing papers. You will deposit the balance of your down payment and closing costs to escrow, and your lender will deposit the balance of the purchase price. The deed will then be recorded at the County Recorder’s office and you will take ownership of your home.

Your Sales Associate is a valuable source of helpful tips for planning and coordinating your move. Contact me today:

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Out and About with Tina: Coco and The Director Coffee Shop


A friend I met at my job working as a plus size model at Belk mentioned this place, Coco and The Director. It’s a coffee shop located in uptown at 100 W Trade Charlotte, NC 28202. This coffee shop even has meeting space that would be perfect for dong business and meeting clients as well. Aside from coffee and tea they have pastries, smoothies, alcoholic beverages and sandwhiches.

I didn’t have a chance to check out Coco and the Director beforehand however this past weekend I met up with an old friend who was in town. I wanted to show off some new spots.  Coco The Director is actually located inside the Marriott Hotel. There are several innovative options for seating. The staff is welcoming and there are ecclectic people that frequent the shop. Since it was our first time there the Barista gave us a free sparkling water and cupcake. I ordered a wine in a juice-like box and a “Wakeup Call” smoothie. I substituted the coconut water for almond milk. My total came to about $24. I blame it on the alcohol!

As I was paying there was a neighborhood police man who stopped in for coffee. While I was at the counter he shook the tip jar in my face and said why are there no tips in the jar and placed the cup down in front of me. I paid electronically with my debit card and I had already given an electronic tip. Not that I was obligated to give a tip at all. But I just went on about my business. It didn’t really bother me till like four hours later.

The Wake Up Call smoothie was delicious. The cupcake I didn’t really finish, I only ate the bottom part because the icing tasted funny. I couldn’t do that much complaining about the cupcake because it was free. I did mention to one of the staff at the counter that the buttercreme frosting  on the cupcake tasted a little like old mustered. The woman at the counter actually said she doesn’t like the way it taste either. I said well the other barista gave it to me for free so I can’t complain the staff looked at each other and paused.  I  mentioned I did purchase other stuff, at that point the manager overheard the free part and rolled her eyes. I quickly changed the subject and I went back to my seat😂😂  That juice-esq box wine had 12% alcohol in it, all I needed was half. I was lit.

After I met up with my friend I decided to stay a little longer. I noticed some tourist who happened to be asian who were taking pictures from different spots at the coffee shop but I was seated behind them in each photo from every angle they were taking pictures and it pissed me off. I’m almost sure they were taking pictures strategically with me in the photo but you can’t really prove that. I mean have they ever seen a plus size beautiful black American woman before!? They quickly left when I gave them a stern look.  I was irritated but I decided to stay a little longer. I had to go to the restroom by that point. I’m blaming that on the alcohol too.  The restrooms are located all the way around the hallway out the door to the left in the Marriott. I just left my computer and bookbag there. There was a family sitting next to me. The man said I can’t believe you left your stuff there. He was puzzled. I guess I didn’t think about it. I just took my purse and was willing to risk the rest even my car keys in my coat pocket. He started to ask me what things should he do around town. He said he and his family had just moved to Charlotte last month from Saudia Arabia. He was on a year job assignment and his family lived in Concord. The wife was dressed in traditional abaya dress. They had two little kids who were so adorable.  I told them a few places they should check out including Farhienheit resturant, Plaza Midwood neighborhood and they should tour The Vue to see the entire city. They were so nice they gave me  some of their cake & blueberries  from a fancy resturant to-go bag. I couldn’t see from where. But it was the real deal. So good,  better then the crusty free cupcake from the counter. That nice gesture and conversation kinda restored some kindness I had in humanity and lifted my spirits in the most unexpected ironic way. When the family left the baby boy came closed to me and said byeeeeeeee and waved a few times and the family said goodbye as well. My heart was filled. I closed my computer and went home. I parked at the lot around the corner at the 101 Independence Center lot. There is no parking stamps given at Coco and the Director. I’m just sharing my experience, This is not a review. Overall I enjoyed myself and will go again! I left the link to the Coco and the Director Google page for reviews, contact number,directions and pictures as they do not have a website. Here’s the Google link:

Out and About With Tina: Afropunk Festival Paris 

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I love all types of music. Except for heavy metal! That’s why while I was visiting Paris for 6 weeks a friend suggested I check out the Afropunk Music Festival . Before then I had never heard of it. I decided to see what this music festival was about.  The Afropunk festival is an annual two-day concert which tours nationwide. This time Afropunk took place in the La Villette district in Paris. I never caught any of the big music headliners that were supposed to be there performing either because I missed them or they were not there at the Paris location event. Either way, I did see a lot of creative artistic people and fresh eclectic music artist. I also discovered ginger beer for the first time! I digress, Afropunk is worth it check out for the next concert near you! 

Here is some history on the Afropunk festival from the official event website:


With roots amongst the Black community and culture, AFROPUNK welcomes an array of new music and styles. The popularity of this event has resulted in an expansion that has embraced New York, Atlanta, Paris, and London.

Previous acts have included Angel Haze, Lianne La Havas, Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, Keziah Jones, Saul Williams, Michael Kiwanuka, Sky & Ross From Morcheeba, Leon Bridges and Lion Babe.

Here are some pictures of my experience below!

Young or old the majority of Parisians smoke it was shocking to see and hard to breath

Me in my sundress!








Charlotte ranks one of the best cities to own Investment property or buy a home

Real Estate

According to Business Insider, Charlotte ranks among the best place to buy an investment property or own a home. Check out how Charlotte measures up in the article linked below: