I don’t even know how I got on the Denver Zoo website but I ended up wining tickets to the Denver Zoo. When I entered the contest I knew I was going to win. I was still so grateful and surprised when the email arrived that said I won. I gave away all 4 tickets and kept 1 ticket for myself. My prayer when I went is that I would be able to see the animals up close and take great pictures.

I took the bus to the zoo it took a hour or so. I missed the elephant show by ten minutes. Ironically one of the elephants came out & walked down the lane where I was sitting turned around kicked his leg out in a funny way and went back inside and I was able to get this majestic picture of him. My heart

Then I grabbed something to eat because my intermittent fasting window start time had come and gone but by the time I found where the sea lions were the show was again over, it had ended. So I went to the lower aquarium to hopefully see a sea lion and I tapped on the glass hoping that a sea lion would come out and a few minutes later he miraculously cruised by but that was the only time he passed by. I was able to get a photo of him here

They didn’t have the Mongolian beef I wanted so instead I got this for $17 dollars 5 chicken wings and some popcorn and the rice I negotiated for free

Lacking all nutritional value but It was good though, the geese were eyeing it!
Not part of the zoo but this goose just wanted some snacks
On the prowl for some chicken wings!

The péquins came up to me! I threw some popcorn over the glass partition but they never reached for the popcorn I gifted them but seemed to be interested in looking at the bag of popcorn I had in my hand through the glass. I asked the woman next to me not to tell that I threw over some popcorn for the cute pequins

They were really cute

I missed the shows and the monkeys but I still managed to see a lot and have fun. There was one weird thing that happened when a unmasked woman came unreasonably close to me and asked me if I had lost my family because she saw me walking around alone and that she also lost her family. In my mind I Was like b*** if you lost your family why you talking to me and I walked away she apologized for getting too personal 😜😆 PSA: single people can go places alone we aren’t lost we are just living life as we please! Anyways Here are some other cute animals I met that day below:

I don’t think I ever saw a zebra up close
So on trend
This is a porcupine!! playing with a toy!!
Side view of the porcupine with a toy
It looks like they were making a heart with their heads
My spirit animals with these Capricorn goats
I wanted to see more of the monkeys but by the time I got over there it was closed
What are these?
Not sure what these were? Boars? Bulls?? Cows??
That’s a bottom of a hyena
I had to wait until the end to get some ice cream since ice cream is not my friend sprinkle sprinkle!
I had a wonderful Fun day!!

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