Out and about in Atlanta: Vote & Food review

It was voting day in Midtown Atlanta so I headed to the Fox Theater to do my civil duty and… get Crazy Walker out of the race 😜 but is one devil less than the other? I digress. 🙏🏾Worked up quite an appetite after voting, although there was no line at my precinct and the voting process was very quick. When I was leaving I asked the poll attendant where was a restaurant in the area that she would recommend. We had a good chat about Asian fusion. She recommended a place just around the corner from the Fox. She said you could literally smell the yummy food around the block. I’m not sure if the place I ended up was the same restaurant but I’m happy where I ended up. And respect to the poll people! I used to do “poll work” and they wake up at the crack of dawn. They get to the polls by 5 am and stay all day and may make maybe $100 and still have to be pleasant and focused. It wasn’t an easy job, so shout out to my peeps!

I made it to 26 Thai Kitchen & Bar (Midtown), 824 Juniper St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308. I had the place to myself since it was before dinnertime and after lunch. The ambiance was nice. It had a sultry and romantic vibe. The music made me want to stay for three courses. I really enjoyed they played some top r&b hits from Tems to Chris Brown. I was moving my shoulders to the beat and eating my appetizer. I broke my no crab rule to order the Crab Cheese Rolls they were filled with Crab meat, cream cheese, carrot, sweet chili sauce. It was worth it.

My tastebuds are a basic B so I ordered the Pad Thai but there was nothing basic about this dish. I had them drizzle on the red pepper flakes forcing me to order a delicious Thai iced tea to settle the party in my mouth. The tea was a dream to my tastebuds and brought the whole meal together.

I got greedy and the music was so good but I couldn’t finish my food. However, I was so happy to have some left overs and I took a cheesecake to go! The cheesecake wasn’t my flavor but it didn’t impact the taste I have for this resturant I would recommend it 4 out of 5 Real Talk stars 💫

Found out a little history about the owner Niki P, her last name is long, She is a boss B she has 4 Thai Kitchen and Bar restaurant locations around Atlanta. Niki started as a restauranteur at age 26! At age 26 I was living in Miami living the Vida Loca. Just trying to make it (still 😆) kudos to achieving dreams young having no grey hair and no wrinkles and money in the bank and most of all the fulfillment of a dream come true!

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