Cute Breakfast Place- La Bicyclette Rose, 29 Rue Sommeiller, 74000 Annecy

I have been staying in center ville of Annecy for almost a week and was looking for a cute breakfast place, more like an American breakfast place with bacon!!! So I looked on Google Maps. I typed in “breakfast” set my parameters to 4 stars and close distances & La Bicyclette Rose popped up.

It was a five minute walk from my hotel, so I took my dog for a walk and checked it out. Of course there was a line of people waiting to get inside. I went to the front door and the lady said are you alone? I said yes. She said there’s a spot for you but you can’t bring the dog. I felt bad for skipping the line but hey it was just me!! I dropped the dog off with the quickness and came back. To some people eating alone is the worse, but not to me. It has it’s privileges.

I ordered pancakes, tea, one hard boiled egg with bacon. It was delicious. The condiments are shared on the table in cute boxes. The restaurant is decorated with authentic items from Annecy. The cutest thing was when I gave a tip (because service and breakfast was so good) the woman at the register put the tip on this little box sitting on the counter and she said wait and the box opened up and I kid you not, a little hand of a small panda came out of the box and took the tip. It was the cutest thing I’ve never seen before.

I was able to capture some pictures but mostly people don’t like you taking a lot of pictures while their eating so I got a few. You’ll just have to visit to see the rest of this tastey and fabulously decorated spot!

The line was out the door! That’s when you know it’s real

I asked A French family to show me how to eat this in the proper French way! And they showed me every step. Now I’m officially French 😆


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