3 top things I love after 5 months living in Atlanta!

Sorry I left y’all without a beat! I moved to Atlanta, GA from Denver, CO. My skin has restored itself from the “Mile High City” but this Georgia humidity is another thing! Overall I’ve had a nice, fast ramp-up(more details to come on that) Hereā€™s what I’ve been up to and a few top things I can share about Atlanta below.

3 top things I love about living in Atlanta

  1. The food options are endless for all you foodies out there (myself included)
  2. The pools have been open for months
  3. International flights are direct and you can find some affordable flights to Europe for under $600

Here’s some fun pictures of some things I’ve seen so far! I actually have been working I haven’t been to a lot of places I want to go to yet but looking forward to it! Let me know some of your favorite things to do in Atlanta in the comments šŸ’œ

A pic of Webster and I traveling to Atlanta from Denver (what a drive)

There is so
Many more wonderful things and lessons to share just wanted to give a quick hello to y’all.


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  1. Hi Tinae!

    This was a great read! I’m looking to move to Atlanta in a couple Months so reading this was definitely Enlightening! I visited ATL a couple times and fell in love with the city so can’t wait to call it my new home.


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